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Ignacio Dillmann

A quick INtroduction

Ignacio Dillmann Molina

Hey! If you are a fan of Sales and Marketing you have come to the right place!

I am a 20-year-old young man who has dedicated most of his life to studying consumer behaviour and different strategies to transform impressions into conversions.

To go far it is always better to work as a team! So I will be happy to hear collaboration proposals.

A Summary Of My Work History

Cimarrón Restaurant Assistant Kitchen07/2020 – 09/2020

  • Implemented an efficient inventory management system, reducing waste by 15%.
  • Collaborated with the chef to optimize kitchen workflows, reducing preparation time by 25%.

Sargantana Restaurant Waiter’s Assistant07/2021 – 09/2021

  • Collaborated with the waitstaff during peak hours, contributing to an increase in overall table turnover.
  • Demonstrated exceptional multitasking skills during peak hours, maintaining an efficient workflow

Vent De Tramuntana Restaurant Waiter04/2022 – 10/2023

  • Implemented a customer feedback system, achieving a 10% increase in positive reviews.
  • Implemented an upselling strategy, leading to a 20% increase in average customer spending.

Park Bong Sook Waiter01/2024 – Currently Working

  • Maintained clean and organized dining areas for optimal guest experience.
  • Assisted in training new waitstaff members, contributing to a cohesive team environment.

Google Ads Specialist Freelancer – 03/2024 – Currently Working

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, integrating Google Ads strategies with broader marketing objectives for cohesive campaigns.
  • Contributed to business growth by identifying new opportunities through market analysis and Google Ads innovations.

A Quick Look At My Entrepreneurial Projects

Face-to-face sale

  • Door-to-door sales of trend objects – 2021
    • Return on investment (ROI) for each purchase of 500%
  • Resale of second-hand objects – 2022
    • Development of a system for establishing and maintaining contact with prospective clients, showcasing a notable 15% surge in sales.

Digital Presence

  • Launched a dropshipping online store – 2022
  • Initiated a YouTube channel focused on short video monetization – 2023
    • Integration of artificial intelligence tools resulting in an almost fiftyfold enhancement in the generation and editing of videos.
  • Currently managing a blog on entrepreneurship and digital marketing – 2023

My Latest Training

Degree in Psychology

University of The Balearic Islands (2/4 years,) – 2021/2023

Get MORE Leads With Google Ads

Define Digital Academy – 2023

Sell More With Google Ads

Define Digital Academy – 2023

HTML Training

W3 Schools – 2023

A Walk Through All My Certificates

  • Google Ads:
    • Measurement Certification
    • AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification
    • Creative Certification
  • LinkedIn:
    • Web Development:
      • WordPress 6 Essential
      • WordPress 6 Advanced
      • SEO Foundations
      • SEO: Keyword Strategy
    • Editing:
      • DaVinci Resolve Editing Basics
      • Creative Video Editing Techniques 
      • Optimizing Video Content for Social Media
    • Productivity:
      • How to Boost Your Productivity with AI Tools 
      • Time Management Fundamentals
      • Generative AI for Business Leaders
    • Analysis:
      • Learning Google Tag Manager
      • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Training
      • Marketing Foundations: Analytics
    • Foundations:
      • Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations
      • Marketing Foundations: Ecommerce
    • Social Media:
      • Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization
      • Social Media Marketing Strategy: TikTok and Instagram Reels
      • Marketing: Copywriting for Social Media
      • Essential Skills for Social Media Managers
  • Mandatory Interprofessional Certificates:
    • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) – Nov 2023

A review of completed books

I have included some of the most representative books for the theme of this website. Please, to read the complete list where the links, photographs and summaries are located, go to this “link“.

Never Split the DifferenceChris VossCommunication
Non-verbal communicationFlora DavisCommunication
How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleDale CarnegieCommunication
Digital Marketing All-In-One For DummiesStephanie DiamondMarketing, Online Marketing
Hit MakersDerek ThompsonMarketing
1-Page Marketing PlanAllan DibMarketing
The Back of the NapkinDan RoamMarketing
Digital Marketing 2020Danny StarMarketing, Online Marketing
We Are BlindJürgen KlaricMarketing
Exactly What to SayPhil M. JonesMarketing
Sell ​​to the mind not to the peopleJürgen KlaricMarketing
Make them buy from youSantiago Torre EscuderoMarketing
Six Thinking HatsEdward de BonoBusiness organization, Communication
Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars to BitcoinNik BhatiaBasic Economics
Rich Dad Poor DadRobert T. KiyosakiBasic Economics
Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW QuadrantRobert T. KiyosakiBasic Economics
Rich Dad’s Guide to InvestingRobert T. KiyosakiBasic Economics
The Richest Man in BabylonGeorge S. ClasonBasic Economics
The Power of NowEckhart TollePhilosophy, Self Development
The Monk Who Sold his FerrariRobin SharmaPhilosophy, Self Development
Think and Grow RichNapoleon HillPhilosophy, Self Development
The art of thinkingJosé Carlos RuizPhilosophy
Secrets of the Millionaire MindT. Harv EkerBasic Economics, Self Development
The 5am ClubRobin SharmaSelf Development
The Art of WarSun TzuPhilosophy, Self Development
12 Rules For LifeJordan B. PetersonSelf Development
Atomic HabitsJames ClearPsychology, Self Development
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and MoneyJohn Maynard KeynesComplex Economy
Journey to economic freedomDaniel LacalleComplex Economy
The Road to SerfdomFriederich A. HayekComplex Economy
Psychological TypesCarl Gustav JungPsychology
Dark PsychologyS. L. MoorePsychology
A History of PsychologyThomas Hardy LeaheyPsychology
The Wisdom of WolvesElli H. RadingerPsychology
Lie to me…if you dareJosé Luis Martín OvejeroPsychology
Crazy about the classicsEmilio del RíoHistory/Culture
This is how the world is dominatedPedro BañosGeopolitics
The Book on Rental Property InvestingBrandon TurnerInvestment
Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our FutureAshlee VancerBiography